Sustainable Development

Global Capital Innovation Corp. recognizes the urgent global need to serve as a catalyst for decarbonizing to reverse the negative consequences related to climate change. We have resource capacity to allocate up to 100% of the funds for approved sustainable investing ventures in the power generation sector. We are committed to helping ESG companies serve the clean power requirements of their communities.

Hydrogen – GCI is creating funding solutions to drive the commercialization of end use applications that are fueled by hydrogen with the intent to reduce green house gas emissions (decarbonize the planet) in the areas of power generation, transportation, aviation and marine.

Kinetic Power – GCI is working with an international team to identify opportunities to generate electricity using scalable kinetic power processes that provide zero emissions – no CO2 and no NOx.

Kinetic power applications tend to operate 24/7 providing predictable base load power while not requiring any inputs, and operate independent of weather conditions. Also, kinetic power uses significant less land space than renewable energy sources like solar and wind. This makes kinetic power an ideal distributive power solution.

Approved kinetic power projects are eligible for up to 100% of project costs through a Joint Venture Agreement.