Investing Funds/Managed Portfolios

We work with businesses and high net worth individuals to facilitate strategic investments and portfolio management.

Our starting point is to create a plan outlining specific investment objectives and guidelines covering risk. We move forward with an eye on protecting initial capital while optimizing returns based on stated risk tolerance.

In general, we tend to look at multiple factors in assessing the attractiveness of a potential investment. We have found over time that some criteria are more predictive of how well a given investment will perform. In turn, we place an increased weight on an assessment that considers the following:

  • thorough screening of opportunities and potential returns
  • qualified and experienced management team with industry-specific leadership skills and proven execution experience
  • history of continuous positive cash flow and strong fundamentals
  • attractive and growing market segments with unmet customer needs
  • protected intellectual property
  • positive industry dynamics and emerging market forces
  • clear exit path with potential for extraordinary investment returns