Global Capital Innovation creates liquidity and helps international companies, executives and investors gain access to capital privately, efficiently and quickly. These funds can be used to support project development, increase working capital and address other capital requirements.

We work with global funders including a network of international private banks who are able to process non recourse stock loans using as collateral stocks that are publicly traded on over 80 stock exchanges in 195 countries.

Our process is confidential and quick with funds often wired to your bank in less than ten business days.

This is a non-recourse non title transfer stock loan product with quarterly interest only payments and does not require financials, a credit review, income verification or personal guarantee. The borrower can walk away from the loan commitment at any time without any further obligation.

Simple Process - Steps to receiving funds
1. Client’s stock information is analyzed, and a Term Sheet is issued for review and signing by the Client for processing.
2. Lender issues funding contract. Client reviews, signs and returns.
3. Lender assists the Client open a custodian account in the name of the Client (borrower) where the pledged shares will be deposited in the name of the Client.
4. Lender sends the loan proceeds to the Client’s custodian account along with a closing statement and debt schedule. Funds are available for immediate use by the Client.


*In general, without any delays, process can be completed in about ten business days.

DISCLAIMER: GCI does not give legal advice, financial advice, tax advice nor do we make any financial predictions.
Every country has its own tax advantages and disadvantages.
We recommend that you contact your own legal counsel or CPA with any questions: or concerns that you may have.