Go Public!
Shells are Available for Immediate Acquisition

If your company is looking to become a publicly traded company, we can assist with all steps in the process.

We are currently working with groups who have public companies for immediate sale with up to date filings. These are listed on the US Bulletin Board (OTC BB) and OTCQB and the Frankfurt exchange (DAX).

Our professional business advisory services include:

  • Identifying public companies for sale matched to your acquisition criteria.
  • Advising on deal structuring.
  • Preparing a detailed Business Plan to assist with regulatory approval of the transaction.
  • Turnkey access to qualified professionals related to the transaction (SEC lawyer, Auditors, Investor Relations, Transfer Agent, etc.)
  • Funding we have contacts with several key funding sources in the US and will make introductions as part of the go public transaction. Further, we have advisors who will assist the company at all stages in this process including formal road shows to institutions. Raising capital is easier as a public company and funds can be used to help companies acquire other businesses / assets, improve liquidity and create rainy day reserve funds.

Please contact us today to explore go public strategies: info@globalcapitalinnovation.com