About Us

Global Capital Innovation Corp. (GCI) provides investment banking corporate advisory services to enable clients realize their business objectives which may include capital raises, liquidity, mergers and acquisitions and business leadership. We successfully help companies pursue high growth business strategies across global markets while embracing principles of sustainable development.

Our focus in working with clients is to first think strategically then create a tactical game plan to operationalize the mandate. Our instincts are global, and we are in a continuous search to connect companies with strategic capital and attractive new business growth opportunities. We work with a global network of preferred funders and are able to quickly fund transactions at competitive rates.

GCI maintains ongoing mandates leading consortium funding for large international infrastructure projects. We work directly with government and private developers. Infrastructure contracts may offer sovereign guarantees, concessions, Power Purchase Agreements and other commercial commitments. Based upon the contract structure, GCI may arrange project funding with EXIM Banks, financial institutions, hedge funds and private investors to deliver structured financing and liquidity solutions.

GCI has more than twenty years of corporate experience bringing financial advisory services and innovative funding solutions to corporate clients. GCI is an independent and private company not owned or affiliated with any major banks or brokerage firms. We are able to avoid many of the inherent conflicts that firms associated with financial institutions face while trying to serve in an independent financial advisory role to clients. Our clients trust us knowing that we are professional and we are not entangled in serving competing client interests.

Our team of dedicated professionals have on the ground work experience with private and public sector clients across international markets. For any accepted engagement, we provide senior dedicated resources to lead and create value at each step for the client. We do extensive analysis in understanding competitive market forces the client will be facing going forward. Our team of strategists provide guidance on company corporate architecture, market positioning, branding, capitalization, technology, Intellectual Property, business development, risk management and scenario planning around potential “Black Swan” events.

We would be pleased to discuss how we may help you and your business reach your financial goals.